Field Of Dreams (Rolf Park)

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Date(s) - 06/01/2022
5:30 am - 6:15 am

Site Q - Lyman

Field of Dreams


Large park with running paths, soccer fields, playground, and parking lot for what can be an epic boot camp style beatdown!

Field Of Dreams

One thought on “Field Of Dreams (Rolf Park)

  1. All 3FS, mission, principles covered with a strong disclaimer.

    Pax: mercy, Charlotte, Lonzo, Landslide, dropout, meatloaf, Footloose, Cinnamons, Bourbon, Rudy, fraction, Lyman, Dutch, Woodstock

    QiC: Woodstock

    Ultimate Fing Frisbee.

    3 games. Penalties for getting scored on: 20 merkins (g1 & g3) 30 squats (G2).

    Shirts put up a hell of a fight, but the human cheat code triangle of Rudy, dropout, and cinnamons was too much to overcome and skins took the series 2-1 (4-2, 3-2, 2-4).

    That was a blast. Let’s do it again.

    Bourbon was the 6.

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