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F3 Black Swamp | June 19, 2024

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How to play SwampBall.

Cross between football, soccer, rugby, and hockey.

Ball doesn’t stop, players don’t stop except for goals and out of bounds.

Team A tries to drive the field and score by running the ball, kicking the ball, or passing the ball. Team B tried to stop them and force a turnover.
Ball is always live.

Players carrying the ball are stopped by 2 hand touch (touched down) They then get a 3 count to get rid of the ball – pass, punt, hand off, etc. If they don’t, they MUST drop the ball where they stand (live ball). Any touched down player must do 3 burpees before getting the ball again. Defending player cannot start the count until they are not holding or laying on the other player (call it the Footloose-Rudy rule).

Score by running the ball or receiving the ball in the other teams goal. If the ball hits the ground in goal it is a turnover for the other team and can be thrown, kicked, or ran out of the goal.

Out of bounds side or end line – last touched by turnover (soccer/basketball style, doesn’t have to be legit possession. Deflect a pass, kick, etc out of bounds and it’s the other teams ball.) Other team can throw or hand off back into field of play. Cannot run it in on an out of bounds play.

Game is played in the gloom, so use of a lighted football or soccer ball is preferred. Can also modify with a frisbee, rugby ball, kickball, smaller size hand ball, etc.

3 ~10 minute periods.