The Commons (Levis Commons)

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Date(s) - 01/19/2021
6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Site Q - OK

The Commons (Levis Commons


Bootcamp style workout. Group will meet at the Clock Tower on Levis Commons Blvd. The Clock Tower is located in the traffic circle near Funny Bone Comedy Club. Also a great night for some fellowship. The PAX typically head out for some second F at one of the nearby establishments.

The Commons

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  1. Tuesday Night Beatdown
    January 19, 2021
    Q: Chanel
    PAX: Flow, Houdini, Huffy, Dutch, Tupac, Huckleberry, Hannibal, Shawshank, Charmin, Mr. Freetime, Moana, Chubbs, Leyland

    Went over Mission Statement and Core values
    Warm up: Side Straddle Hop
    Short run around the Commons
    Paired Up.
    Partner one did exercise while partner ran a lap.
    When partner two returned to the start he continued where his partner left off on reps with the goal being 86.
    Partner one then ran the lap, while partner two did the exercise.
    Once the pair completed 86 reps, they moved on to the next exercise


    American Hammers- 2 is 1
    Imperial Walker- 2 is 1
    Flutter Kicks- 2 is 1
    Big Boy Sit Ups
    Jump Squats
    Plank Jacks
    Box Jumps
    Mountain Climber
    Lt. Dans

    One pair started the final exercise while the rest were on Mountain Climbers.
    The six was Flow
    Named FNG- Leyland
    Circle of Trust

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