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    Woodstock, Landslide, Lonzo, Chalupa, Simmons, Flo, Bongo, Rudy, Footloose, Lyman, Mercy (q)


    Bongo last beatdown with Black Swamp before moving to Texas is 9/19/2020. His first post was 3//9/2019. THis post was #254.

    MOSEY to other side of High School -spot had good grass, sidewalk, wall and plenty of parking lot space, and was well lit

    The thang:
    Cones Set out 20 feet off sidewalk. Exercises coordinated with the letters BYE BONGO

    Bear Crawl
    Yul Brynner (of the Magnificent 7 – 7 types of merkins is 1 Yul Brynner – Carolina Drydock, Wide merkin, Merkin, miltary aka Ranger merkin, crucible merkin, Chuck Norris Merkin – on knuckles.)
    Everest – lunge step, lunge step Squat.

    Outlaws – circles with legs extended on your 6
    Nipple scarper merkins – use curb knees to one side, hit curb with one nipple. Rotate sides
    Gorilla humpers – wider stance monkey humper
    OP – over head claps in people’s chair (aka wall sits)

    Pair up in groups of 2. As a pair, the goal was 254 reps of each exercise – the number of posts Bongo has had.

    While one partner was doing the Bongo exercises, the other partner did BYE out to the cone and back. Bear crawl to cone – Yul Brynner, Everest back.

    For the burpees, counted the total burpees of the group, then moved to next exercise. For exercises that 254 was reasonable for 1 pair to hit, once a pair hit 254, we moved to the next exercise as a group. Fortunately Simmons and Woodstock were paired up.

    PAX made it through all 5 exercises while a playlist curated for Bongo played – miss you songs, plus songs about Texas –

    Mosey back to start point.

    COR, NOR, the 6 happened to be Bongo, announcements, prayer intentions.

    Always fun to lead. Always great to be out with the PAX. Made some last minute adjustments to approach to reps on the fly. 254 is a big number.

    Respect to Bongo for hitting that Number. Bongo was a staple at the Battlefield when it started. Battlefield started the week after his first post. Bongo’s cheery disposition and encouragement to everyone will be missed.

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